Enhancing Lives with Non-Medical Home Care

Non-Medical home care services are provided to clients who need help performing basics task, for example: meal Preparation, housekeeping, and transportation.  But where CHC outshines other home health agencies is in the companionship we offer our clients.  Companionship is when a caregiver keeps your loved one engaged in conversation, active in a hobby, playing cards or in other games.  When you need a nurse you call a Home Health Agency.  When you need someone to look after your loved one and make sure they are safe, social, eating, and their home is clean- you call us.

Compassionate Home Care is Enhancing our client's lives every day.  Often when it's time to place someone in an Assisted Living community it's because they aren't able to safely perform basics tasks on their own.  We want to let you know that there is another option, and we are here to make Senior's wishes come true by providing them with the assistance that enables them to remain living independently at home. Remember if there is a medical situation CHC will refer you to one of the many home health agencies in your area.  We work side by side with trusted Home Health Agencies who provide Personal Care, Nursing services, OT, PT, and speech therapy.

When making the decision to keep your loved one at home you must be open to the idea of having a non-medical and medical home care agencey work together to keep your loved one properly cared for.  CHC encourages clients to exhaust all services that will be coverd by insurance through a Medical home health agency and bring us in the rest of the time service is needed.  Why pay a Home Health Agency's high price (56-130/hr) to perform tasks that are non-medical in nature? Compassionate Home Care will save you money and keep your loved one safe at home.

Compassionate Home Care of New York