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Chautauqua, NY


Steven's sister-in-law checked on his 91 year old Mother Nora twice a day, but it seemed there was some mess with which to deal with. 

​The strongly independent women had raised a family of four while running her business for over 30 years. She was becoming increasingly confused while living alone in her 4 bedroom house.

The final straw came when the sister-in-law came in for a visit and the oven was left on. Possible scenarios came into focus- Will there be a kitchen fire? Will Mom forget to eat all together?

"What will we do" the sister-in-law asked Steven who lives 1,200 miles away. "She refuses to think about an assisted care facility and I imagine having someone drop in on her will cost just as much as forcing her to move. Besides what trustworthy person can we get to watch her."

Steve " I'll take care of it and research the costs involved with both options"

Luckily after a short google search Steve found Compassionate Home Care. 

​The truth is Compassionate Home Care allowed Nora to stay at home and save over 40,000 dollars a year by avoiding the hefty cost of assisted living.

Do what makes Sense and Save dollars by selecting Compassionate Home Care for all your non-medical needs.