Compassionate Home Care of New York 

"​If your are looking for home care, don't look any further! Call Compassionate Home Care!  You won't regret it!  We live in Ohio, and when our Father was diagnosed with cancer in Jamestown NY, we needed to find someone to care for him and his pets during the week, as we could only make the trip back and forth on weekends. WE ARE SO GLAD WE FOUND THESE PEOPLE! We started out only needing 2 hours a day to prepare dinner and do light housework. As Dad's illness progressed we increased hours a bit at a time until eventually needing 24/7 help, allowing Dad to stay at home until the very end. The owners ( Alissa and Craig ) and supervisor (Cindy) exceeded our expectations!

They are amazing, caring people who you will fall in love with.  Dad and his house were VERY well taken care of and he enjoyed so much the friendship he developed with Cindy and the team that took care of him ( love you Ruth, Michelle, Angelo ). These people aren't typical "healthcare/social" type worker. They are very caring, loving, and professional people.  I don't know how we would have managed without them.  They supported us every step of the way and were with us the evening we lost Dad.  The owners and supervisor even came and checked on us the next day! AMAZING!  They truly feel like family and we will miss each of them very much!

Mark & Valarie S.   Ohio

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" I have to say CHC has saved the day! My 96 year old Great Aunt lives with my mother; who is now unexpectedly off her feet for eight weeks while recovering from foot surgery. Because of my demanding job, family obligations and the geographic separation of my siblings I was forced to look for help from outside our family. The caregivers of CHC have flown into the home as superhero's and are making all of our lives more stress free. The staff  is friendly ; they meet our scheduling needs and feel like part of the family! I cannot thank CHC enough for the work they do and sincerely encourage anyone that needs help to contact Alissa and Craig immediately . As a local radio personality I promote people I can trust, believe in and truly feel comfortable "endorsing" their product to thousands of listeners. I 100% believe in CHC and am thrilled to put my "stamp of approval" on the great job they do for my family and can do for yours too!"

Andrew Hill

​SE93 Radio

"Compassionate Home Care has been such a blessing to me and my Mother. Her transition to the Dibert Home in Lakewood NY was flawless. It was a big move for her from Florida back home to Chautauqua County. Shawn Marie was the perfect choice for Mom and goes above and beyond every day. Shawn takes Mom wherever she wants to go from hair apts, Dr. Apts, back to her old home in Frewsburgh , and keeps her genuinely happy which is most important. Shawn even took her to the Circus last summer. Thank You So Much CHC for everything I sleep well at night knowing Shawn is with my Mother."


Shierly M. Orlando FL

We picked the above testimonial for 2 reasons first one is obvious he is clearly satisfied with our service.

Second one not so obvious He is the only client that has left our agency! This was his good bye to CHC.



"I don't know if this means anything to you guys, I'm from and own a business in Cleveland, but your company is simply the best. The level of integrity and professionalism from the Owners and the Caregivers and the direct line of communication is unmatched from here to Ohio. My Father has been well taken care of since CHC began 24 hour companion care at his home at Emeritus of Lakewood. Alissa is excellent as a CEO and is a truly compassionate and caring person, Craig is an excellent CFO as well not to mention Casey, Rochelle, Michelle, Tina number 1, Tina number 2, Angelo, and Tammy who have all looked after my Dad with such respect and detail. I wish your company well this year and the next, but you don't need luck just continue doing what your doing."

Good Luck,

Bob S.   Cleveland, Ohio