"Lastly how do you maintain  95% of your clients and a 5 star ratting on Google and Facebook?"

"What made you think you could do better than a large corporation?"

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"Why is it important to have an insured caregiver as opposed to hiring an under the table caregiver"

Recently our Owner CEO Alissa Robbins was interviewed by the Post-Journal for Chautauqua County Profiles.  We have attached the full article at the bottom of the page and provide an additional q&a here.

Compassionate Home Care of New York 

"We aim to keep everyone happy and we strive to keep the lines of communication open between management and families. We know the stress that comes when taking care of loved ones and aim to take that stress away from the family.  As for our clients we use care plans and a daily log that stays at the client's home.  We refer clients to medical agencies when they are needed and call an ambulance if it's a medical emergency."

"Alissa what is your background and what made you decide to open CHC ?"

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Please READ This Before You Hire Any Caregiver

"Well after seeing the lack of services that can be provided by a "Licensed" Home care agency and that can only be provided privately by un-insured or under the table caregivers; I formed Compassionate Home Care that provides insured caregivers 24/7 that are employed by us."

" I became a Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant for New York in 2003.  I worked for a few local nursing homes providing OT for their residents.  I then began work in the Jamestown Public Schools working with special needs children. I opened the business after having some not so great experiences with my grandmother's home care agencies and knowing I could provide a more comprehensive service."

"First when you hire anyone (ie. contractor) to do anything you are considered an employer in NYS.  This means you are responsible for payroll tax, workers comp, and disability insurance. If this person gets hurt in your house they can sue you.  Also if the person getting the care does go into a nursing home they go back five years in their bank account and you may have to pay back monies they paid to under the table help!"

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